Where does the crush sleeve go on the pinion

where does the crush sleeve go on the pinion We torque the pinion nut down to say, 200 ft/lbs, and it begins to crush the sleeve, but, we do not re4ach bearing drag spec, nor do we even reach bearing slack elimination. Order now! Aug 01, 2003 · The 489 case centersections that came later did away with the spacer andused a crush sleeve instead. 25 Differential: Automotive - Amazon. As the pinion nut is tightened it forces the yoke against a "crush sleeve" (red) that is designed to "control" collapse under force. There is a varying degree of clearance in these, some a lot more than others. 038 mm (0. (285 Nm) this is a video about doing rear ends, although it is not a chrysler 9. May 17, 2003 · The pinion nut is off and the yoke came right off with no effort. Remember, there is no crush sleeve between the bearings, so too much load could damage the bearings. STEP 8:. that is achieved with shims between the housing and the removable pinion support. It 'crushes' down and creates a constant preload between the front and rear pinion bearings. 5 rear has what is properly called a crush sleeve. 75 used in rear steer. And tighten pinion nut untill you get a 15 inch/lb rotational torque reading on the yokethen slap the driveshaft back on and your good to go. Shop here and get the best deal on your Pinion Crush Sleeve purchase. Put some motor oil or gear oil on the bearings. Our ring and pinion installation kits include the following: Pinion shims and carrier shims; Pinion nut and  Yukon Gear & Axle manufactures a full line of top quality small parts to complete any job including ring gear bolts, crush sleeves, pinion nuts and washers, axle studs, thrust washers and much, much more. Thread the new pinion nut onto the end of the pinion shaft and pre-torque it to about 25 lb-ft less than the specification. If you decide to replace the seal, you can sometimes get away with resetting it with the old one, but its doubtful. IMG_6872. I made a typo on the 9. He set the preload wrong the first go-round when he did the 3. Pinion preload doesn’t exist until the bearings contact the races, but the preload increases rapidly once the bearings meet their races. I have the original MJ FSM. 935" tall. Don't get the preload too tight or you will need another crush sleeve. Always use a new crush sleeve for final assembly. Always use a new crush sleeve for final assembly. Click here to visit  26 Jan 2016 Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. I pulled it all apart and got I got a new pinion support output bearing and new crush sleeve. Part Number: YGA-33437 Not Yet Reviewed This Crush sleeve shim is adjustable to allow the needed preload without having to crush a sleeve. 5. Hope that Mar 31, 2012 · I hate to say it, but there is a possibility that you ruined the crush sleeve Nut Pinion-Minimum 210 ft. When installing a crush sleeve, slide the sleeve onto the pinion shaft and install the pinion through the rear of the The crush sleeve will NOT change pinion depth, it only affects bearing preload. With a solid spacer, you can  Get the Yukon Pinion Crush Sleeve Eliminator from RealTruck fast with free shipping in the lower 48 United States. 31’s, and I’m pretty sure he reused the non reusable crush sleeve. The solid spacer is suppose to hold the pinion bearings in place better than a crush spacer because the pinion nut torque can be much greater. While setting preload with a crush sleeve is easy, it requires a certain amount of patience Included in this kit are the pinion bearings and races, pilot bearing (if applicable), crush sleeve, complete pinion shim kit, pinion nut, thread locker and marking compound with brush. The crush sleeve as in its name is to be crushed upon final differential assembly and keeps the bearings pressure consistent in the bearing cups. i pulled everything apart and replaced the pinion seal just in case and put a new crush sleeve in and now it should be fine. internal kit (posi): 1966 & Newer CI Corvette (Fine Spline Pinion) Long Crush Sleeve Price: $9. 42 set for a 3. Install Spacer and torque the Pinion Nut to 125 foot pounds. ] Sep 29, 2013 · The pinion nut is a torque to yield nut and the threads will deform to set and on a second use will strip. 98 jeep If you don't have an inch pound torque wrench on hand, don't do anything until you do. now im just waiting on my rear end girdle to put it back together If your going to use a new crush sleeve then you need to pull the front bearing out to get to it. While setting preload with a crush sleeve is easy, it requires a certain amount of patience. Mar 31, 2015 · Setting the backlash and pinion depth (dictated by the contact pattern) means installing and removing the carrier and pinion. 5"/Chrysler 9. the pinion yoke is going to tighten down onto the bearing and crush collar, so you need to follow Chris's instructions above. Tighten the pinion nut until it exerts the optimum bearing preload, as measured by the pounds/inch torque wrench on the pinion nut. Aug 16, 2006 · After "seating" the pinion, check the pinion bearing preload again. Crush sleeves are NEVER used for pinion depth. The combination of the flange holding tool and a couple of 1/2-inch breaker bars get the job done for me. Boo. If tightened too much, it could result in the crush sleeve breaking down and failing. Has anyone installed a solid pinion bearing preload assembly - usually referred to as a crush sleeve eliminator - in their 12 bolt? If so, how does one do it? I decided to change out my 3. example: the crush sleeve is so compressed that is unable to slide out of the pinion housing. Check the tension of the pinion flange often as you're tightening as you don't want to over-tighten. I will have to tear it back down to properly set the shims to set the preload. There is certainly an argument that anytime you 'unload' the crush sleeve, you should install a new one. Anything more than that and you will burn them up. Gm does not call for the carrier to be removed, There is another set of pinion rotating specifications if the sleeve, pinion or bearings are replaced, this is done with the carrier removed. If the design calls for a crush sleeve, it’s a good idea The crush sleeve permanently distorts, or crushes, at approximately 300 to 400 pounds/feet of torque on the pinion nut. If it makes you feel better go ahead and install solid crush sleeve. This is exactly the symptom my car was exhibiting, a imperceptibly movement of the pinion under torque  8 Oct 2018 Upgrade your cam, intake, headers, stall converter, and the list goes on from there. If you are using a crush sleeve and crush it too much, which you can, it will greatly increase your preload on the bearings. With a crush sleeve it takes a LOT of torque to crush that sleeve to get proper preload whereas with the solid, if the length of the sleeve is setup to give proper preload, you could use an impact gun to put it on and no matter how tight you get that Pulled the pinion out of my front dana 60 and noticed there was no crush sleeve. I use a Park Tool tw-1 for pinion setups: Also, next time around, the crush sleeve and pinion preload are the LAST things you do. With a crush sleeve, pinion nut torque doesn't mean anything if you have slack or binding in the pinion bearings. When setting up a ring & pinion, there are four critical settings that need to be correct in order to get proper setup and good gear life. But! If your guy is used to crush sleeves, might as well just stick to that. Now the oil went somewhere. Product Features: Direct replacement for a proper  21 Mar 2014 pinion issues. The crush sleeve is to set pinion bearing pre-load. Tighten the nut and spin the torque wrench until about 10 in/lb of pinion drag is noted. y The crush sleeve is between the inner and outer pinion bearings. If you have to rebuild again in the future or if your installation does not go well the first time and you have to tear it down again, you can reuse your solid spacer again and again. Personally I always replace the crush sleeve if I remove the pinion nut. The reason the preload measurement is so important is the crush sleeve. Another issue arises when a pinion seal is replaced. You could probably tighten the nut hard enough to get it tight without being able to crush the crush sleeve. Application May 19, 2003 · Yes a non-crush sleeve pinion, you can get away with a impact just about every time. Aug 14, 2020 · Going strictly by procedure, the crush sleeve is a single-use part and should be replaced before the pinion flange is torqued back down. I replaced the crush sleeve. My diff was  Results 1 - 6 of 6 What could be better than a high-quality Jeep Grand Cherokee Pinion Crush Sleeve offered with an amazing Wagoneer Would Have Looked LikeBased on the sketches, the automaker appears to have considered going for  16 Mar 2009 The purpose of the crush sleeve is to prevent the slip-on pinion bearing from spinning on it's shaft. I removed the bad seal but there is no crush sleeve to be found When the nut was installed, there was about 1/8" of the pinion threads showing. So I've read that I should remove the old crush sleeve, install the new bushing and shim it so the preload is correct. Apr 25, 2016 · There won't be any damages to the crush sleeve, if over tighten it will just crush more and to I will need to buy another and try again. 1. There may be an issue with your crush sleeve if there is a whining sound that gets louder when you accelerate your vehicle. When setting the pinion bearing preload on a crush sleeve design differential, it is always necessary to use a new crush sleeve every time the  Note that in Dana Spicer differentials the carrier shims go between the carrier and depth, it may be easier to install the pinion without a crush sleeve until the correct pinion Go slowly so as to not damage the bearing if the preload shim stack is not thick enough. I will post up how the job went. Just make sure that you tighten the nut back to proper tourqe spex, and all should be good. 1 Year or 50,000 Miles. It takes a little longer to set up but you won't have to keep retorque the pinion nut down the road. 5) Crush Sleeve Eliminator Kit for GM 8. I already have a pinion seal on hand, so it kinda looks like this kit would do the trick. What gives? Dodge Ram 1500 / 2500 / 3500 with 9. It's going to have to come off at least once, once I get the pattern right. A long service life is ensured. 29. They are available on the shelf at most AutoParts stores (Assuming you get someone who actually knows what they are). But to remove the little bearing to put the crush sleeve in, the only way is to pound the pinion out (I assume). Nov 22, 2004 · A spring tensioner? The stock 8. 25. Comes with a shim pack so you do not have to machine the spacer to fit. Solid pinion spacers prevent loosening of the pinion gear setup preload. Does anyone know what that number should be for 170,000 bearings on a new crush sleeve and with the carrier and or air hammering the pinion gear out of the housing to get the bearing removed, and then the crush sleeve is behind that. Ever. Down below I forwarded the preload torque specs. 73, part number M-4209-88373A. Trial bearings will make all of this a lot easier. In differentials that use a crush sleeve this is relatively easy. , Each. I'm so tempted to run it without the slinger. If you are replacing the pinion seal, with a crush sleeve, some manuals say replace the crush sleeve. 7. Checking with a knowledgeable rear end person confirmed that just backing off the pinion nut was not the correct thing to do as the preload is the only thing that keeps the pinion nut tight and the compressed crush sleeve does not spring back. 875 in. Oct 27, 2016 · Slide the crush sleeve (if required) into place against the new pinion bearing and slide the pinion into the housing. But he needs crush sleeve thickness,not pinion shim. 021 shim only gets me to 8-9 in/lb of preload. With your other hand, slide the pinion into the housing until it partially engages the yoke. If the pinion bearing preload exceeds the specifi ed allowable range, install another new crush sleeve and start over. From a serviceability point of view, I'd also like to be able to replace the pinion seal on the diff if it starts to leak without fully rebuilding the diff, and with a crush sleeve it I'm using a Yukon crush sleeve eliminator kit in my 8. . If that happens, the pinion usually breaks from heat buildup annealing it. Do not use an impact to install the nut and crush the sleeve it will hammer the bearings. The first thing that popped up in my internet search is a crush sleeve eliminator by Yukon. 25" Ring Gear 2001, Help™ Pinion Bearing Spacer by Dorman®. How to install ring and pinion gears. The pinion threads on mine were a bit rusted also. This is adjusted by adding or subtracting shims to the inner pinion bearing. – You can only change the outer pinion bearing, crush sleeve and seal with Bruce the crush sleave only affects the brg preload and does not chnge 9 Jan 2011 So i was replacing the pinion seal on my 10 bolt today and over crushed the sleeve. I've over-crushed 3 crush sleeves already and can't get more than 104 ft lbs torque on the pinion nut. He's a smart  I just got the new pinion seal seated and I was told that I was going to need this crush sleeve but i have no idea where it goes. Re: pinion spacer instead of a crush sleeve #2 Post by mytmouz » Thu Jun 19, 2008 7:28 pm Each time you launch, the sleeve has a tendency to crush a little more. I think the answer is that the crush sleeve is applying a constant tension on the two bearings. Possible Cause #1: Does the “clunk” sound only occur when your vehicle starts to move? In this case, the If the crush sleeve is not crushed properly, the pinion yoke will be loose and the pinion bearings will not be seated correctly. Not enough force from the pinion nut and the crush sleeve holds the pinion bearings too far away from the pinion race resulting in not enough pinion pre-load. When changing an end yoke or pinion seal I just re use the old crush sleeve, that usually goes for any application. install pinion gear into pinion support, insert pinion thrust bearing, install a new pinion seal, yoke and new nut. If you peruse Zuk's site, you'll notice that he speaks highly on achieving the proper CBPL (carrier bearing pre-load). I was worried about the crush washer cuz all the research I did showed you need a gear puller to get the flange off, but for me It fell into my hand as soon as i grabbed it. We were way over the specs on the torque for the NEW crush sleeve. I do not believe this is a lack Differential Crush Sleeve (Rear). 0 with a NVG241OR Rock-trac,5. It says the same thing as the '88 Cherokee FSM. 2012 Chevrolet 2500HD  Then when I picked up an ARB I figgered this would be the perfect time to try and get those new gears and bearings back in the truck. On this episode of Rock Rods Tech Jake Burkey shows you a quick tip on how to save time when installing a new ring and pinion in your rig by using a shop press. The crush sleeve is between the inner and outer pinion bearings. The crush sleeve is stock. Slide the pinion yoke into the pinion seal and press the yoke towards the inside of the housing so that the outer pinion bearing is seated into its race. You can't do  11 Mar 2010 For those that have used the stock style crush sleeves, how did you restrain the pinion flange while cranking down the pinion nut? I've got Ford Racing 3. If you do have a 12 bolt axel, the ring gear does get torqued but the ring gear will not be 8. Put pinion nut back on the same number of turns and align the marks you made earlier. If you are not replacing the crush sleeve and using a new pinion nut, torquing to ~180 ft-lbs is all you really need to set the pinion bearing preload. So yes, the crush sleeve/spacer goes in between the two bearings. Crush sleeve for GM and Chrysler 11. 25 and I've gotten it down to setting the preload on the pinion. for new bearings and 20-40 in lbs for used PM Just Diffs or go to their website - JustDifferentials. Jan 27, 2014 · Some diffs use a solid spacer but ford 9" use a crush sleeve (the ring just above the rear bearing in the first pic) you use a rattle gun and slowly tighten the nut which crushes the sleeve while checking pinion preload with the torque wrench as you go. Your browser does not  8 Nov 2018 Switch to YouTube TV and stream your favorites with 85+ live channels and unlimited DVR. One used rear could have 10 in/pds of preload and the other could have 1in/lb of preload. With a crush sleeve, you simply torque it on, and it crushes to keep from getting the bearings too tight. 01 GMC 2500hd ecsb Dmax/Alli. No, the pinion spacer that is under the inner pinion bearing affects pinion depth. Think of the crush sleeve as a variablespacer. The pinon was loose but the pinon nut was still tight. The torque on the pinion nut does the adjusting when you use a crush sleeve, so you sneak up on the 160 ft/lb or so needed to set the preload. STEP 5: Remove the bolt Ford Racing and Ford OEM gears do not use the same pinion depth method of setup as aftermarket gears. Simply add shims for less preload or remove shims for more preload. Genuine Toyota Part - 4123152010 (41231-52010) A necessary item to replace when servicing the differential, our Differential Crush Sleeve is built to retain optimal pressure when the pinion gear nut is tightened. Using a 3 foot breaker bar and the wheels locked. On this swap, we did this about 15 times, for various reasons. 25" Differential in Automotive. The pinion seal leaks and recently I've noticed some vibration at low speed under high acceleration. Feb 15, 2014 · I don't know the torque specs of the axle in question but it is un-likely that you would crush the crush sleeve any more using a basic 1/2 inch drive wrench. May 14, 2012 · Bottom line is you need 15 to 20 lb/in drag in the pinion bearings regardless of if you use a crush sleeve or custom shimming between the bearings. Differential Pinion Crush Sleeve , Chrysler 8 in. The crush sleeve will go in once the proper depth has been established. We have a pinion with a thrust area for a bearing, and the rear bearing in place, along with a crush sleeve, NOT crushed down, and a front bearing, yoke and nut. Jul 04, 2012 · Keep in mind you always need a crush sleeve or a solid pinion spacer. Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. The threads deform and after about 6 times they will completely strip. It's job is to hold tension between them. When I I dont want to start crushing the sleeve if its supposed to be tight from the get-go. We have also found on some yokes you can simply remove this sleeve and used [] I pulled out the carrier and rechecked the pinion preload without it and it was at 24. (preload shim pack for Place shims, needed to get the required pinion depth, between bearing support **Do not attempt to perform this break-in procedure without completing   If it makes you feel better go ahead and install solid crush sleeve. it right. I guessed at the two thickest shims to start (out of about 8 of varying thicknesses). If I ever have to do my pinion bearings, that is what I'm going to install. or too tight and you will burn the bearings and races up. The pinion depth and backlash are what are set to "set up" the gearset. Aug 10, 2003 · Refit the new yoke and tighten the pinion nut until you get the same reading to rotate. If the design calls for the use of a crush sleeve, it may be easier to initially install the pinion without a crush sleeve until the correct pinion depth has been established. Oct 01, 2009 · crush sleeves on all diffs go between the pinion bearings to seperate them. The 9" Ford Daytona pinion housing, early 8 3/4 Chrysler and most of the Dana rear ends use a solid spacer. 2014 Silverado 2WT CC Summit White 4. But the old crush sleeve was fine and the preload is right. Hope that This is a genuine AAM pinion yoke sleeve that fits 1999 and newer GM 3/4 and 1 ton trucks with either a 10. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Over heating the pinion and SNAP! as diaric said, that sleeve is your pinion bearing load, therefore, you slide that sleeve over the pinion (after you've removed the old preload sleeve and outer pinion bearing). What I don't understand is the difference in the big truck world vs. I have had an air gun be able to crush the rear sleeve, but I use a 3/4" Snap On Breaker Bar and a special steelplate I made that bolts to the front pinion flange and smacks the control arm to hold it in place while I crush the sleeve. 5" 10 bolt. When installed, the pinion nut is torqued to spec, compressing the “crush sleeve” until proper pinion bearing-preload is achieved. 25 in the film, they do cover it enough to give you an idea of how it all goes together May 02, 2008 · The outer can be removed and replaced along with the crush sleeve without removing the pinion, therefore not removing the carrier and soo on. Shop for more Differentials & Parts available online at Walmart. However I cannot find one exceot in a kit with bearings, etc. The threads are designed for a single initial torque of 260 ft-lbs to crush the sleeve. Feb 08, 2017 · All the crush sleeve does is set the pre-load on the taper roller pinion bearings. 3L V6. the car/pickup I installed 5. On your 44 there is no crush sleeve, but shims that take the place of the sleeve. I was ready to crush the whole D35 after three tries in 97 degree temps this weekend. I didnt see it when i took We hope that these instructions are helpful and you are able to get years of I have found it is easiest to assemble the pinion without a crush sleeve until the Even if it does not seem intuitive or reasonable, I am only concerned with the. Put the pinion gear in with the bearings and crush sleeve,( the carrier should not be in yet)slide on the pinion flange(you do have something to hold the flange while torquing right?)(over the splines and thru the seal)turn the nut on by hand(locktight is on it right?)until it stops,now crank the nut down slowly until you can feel no play in the pinion(in The crush sleeve is used to apply the proper preload to the tapered bearings, thus it's a one shot deal. I prefer to place the old pinion shim on the new pinion, press on the new pinion bearing, and install the new crush sleeve at this time. After trying to crush a 8 3/4" sleeve, and torqued to 450 ft. com There is an aftermarket spacer that replaces the crush sleeve. 13's/ 38. The factory Dana 30 and 44 use a crush sleeve. Shims will set pinion depth, crush sleeves will set pinion bearing preload. 75 in. I read somewhere that the  Buy MOTIVE GEAR 9785792 Differential Pinion Bearing Crush Sleeve from Walmart Canada. If a 0. the crush sleeve flares out to the point where it is impossible to remove from the pinion shaft. Solid spacer and shims replace the orignal pinion crush sleeve. e. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Save the shims under it. 6" Please write back if you need anything thing else. That is why I had shims floating in the middle of the bearings. With the crush sleeve, it takes a lot to get it to crush, you'll need a large cheater bar and it still going to take some muscle. The crush sleeve affects the amount of preload on the pinion bearings. (how tight the pinion bearings are squeezed together) with or without a new crush sleeve you will need to re-tighten the pinion nut until the rotational torque is 5 to Jan 09, 2019 · He told me to get a pinion seal, crush sleeve and pinion shims. Models with Crush sleeve: Pinion preload is adjusted by tightening nut with a crush sleeve in place between bearings,  He told me to get a pinion seal, crush sleeve and pinion shims. This one I found in a Ford service manual. California Residents: WARNING Enough to keep things tight and together, but not enough to further crush the crush sleeve. Dayem, thanks Dirty. The gear mesh and pattern are a product of pinion depth which is set by the shims under the pinion support (which you won't be changing) and the mesh determined by the side adjuster setting / backlash. Pickup in Store not currently available Re-assemble everything BUT ONLY PUT ABOUT 5 inch pounds of preload on the pinion bearings. But all the parts diagrams have both crush sleeve and oil slinger. The only shims on the pinion are for adjusting the pinion depth. 13 Jan 2012 The pinion gear is sitting loose in it's housing. I retorque it to 140 ft/lbs so I don't go over the 145 and crush the sleeve more and stake it but is still almost falls off. Tighten nut until you achieve a rotational torque on the pinion gear of 10-15 in lbs (used bearing) or Oct 08, 2018 · When compressing the crush sleeve, many guys use an impact wrench and end up crushing it too far, ruining the sleeve. So~ you may asking y went through all the hustle doing this??? "What these parts do when correctly installed is set the distance between the inner and outer pinion bearings (bearing preload). Here are a couple points;;-It takes well over 200 ft/lbs to compress the crush sleeve. He will not be able to check rotational torque with it all together. 15 inch pounds with old bearings. Camaro Gen V Differential Pinion Bearing Crush Sleeve for customers that do not need to buy the complete ring & pinion installation kit. From what I could find it should be 14-19 in-lbs so I'm gonna get a new crush sleeve on Monday and do it more carefully. Depending on condition of the old pinion nut, you may or may not choose to re-use it. The answer is that the crush sleeve or solid spacer keeps the pinion bearings just far enough apart for them to have the proper preload against the races. For all your differential small parts . m. 6. it took me a lot of test fits and seemed like more time than using a crush sleeve, but I think this is a better long term solution. … Problem: Gears have been getting louder with time. Before we get into the specific symptoms, it's important to determine whether you're using the proper gears for your vehicle. This is adjusted by shims and/or a crush sleeve. Take your old pinion gear and have the rear bearing pressed off. Make sure both bearings have lots of gear oil on them for a meaningful reading. I have heard so many people talk about "banging it on a rock and crushing it more" but this does not make much sense to me. With our selection of quality brands and expert advice, we help boost your vehicle's performance and make a statement on or off the road. The sleeves job is to keep the pressure outward against the two bearings  22 Feb 2002 Does the crush sleeve go on the pinion shaft inside the rear end housing or on the outside just below the pinion nut??? 8 Apr 2017 the smaller outer pinion bearing can slide down the pinion shaft and would go up against a crush sleeve, determined by how far you tightening down the pinion nut, and i can do so and get 10-15 lb-inch preload without using a crush sleeve. It is also stated that a complete teardown of the differential is necessary as well. Imagine the stress in the threads when you're doing this and cranking that nut down to three or four hundred ft/lbs! Another reason to go solid is the force it takes to tighten the crush sleeve versus the solid. The failure happens over time, due to repeated hard driving. Product Features: Direct replacement for a proper fit every time; Designed specifically for rear-wheel drive vehicles Sep 28, 2017 · It's okay to go just a bit over, but don't let it go over more than 5 in-lbs. The oil on the washer surface helps the nut turn easier while it is being tightened and the Jun 02, 2010 · Is that from the Ford FSM for the 8. Differential Crush Sleeve (Rear). -The static torque spec for the pinion nut is well below that The 1966-1979 Corvette pinion crush sleeve sits between the two bearings on the pinion gear, this when torqued, provides the tension or force between the two bearings required for the correct rolling torque setup on the differential. When it comes to your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Mine had shims so it was a matter of returning it to the original torque spec [no crush sleeve]. My question is do I have to install the bearing and torque that with out the crush sleeve to make sure it's loaded all the Apr 14, 2017 · If a crush sleeve is worn down from a loose flange, you cannot get the nut to "torque" properly without binding the bearings. Now, if you are thinking of a 14 bolts pinion shims that go between the pinion support housing and the diff housing, again, those too only adjust the pinion depth and have nothing to do with pinion bearing preload. If you want to see my full install videos from start to finish, check out my playlist found here: https://www. That is not supposed to happen. A . The preload is adjusted via shims. He's a smart fella, so I did. The pinion races were removed for inspection. 9. That stuff only goes in for the final installation, during setup you'll hit pinion preload with practically no torque on the  Once the pinion depth is achieved, install a new crush collar. In theory if I get a new sleeve and go back to my original thread 10 Feb 2014 I am redoing the bearings in my chrysler 8. I know my 85 Chevy D60 doesn't use a crush sleeve and every older model (Ford, Chevy or Dodge) I've seen doesn't use one, but admittedly, I've never torn down a newer model (94-up) Dodge D60. 630" and the I. Apr 26, 2018 · The reason is the crush sleeve only comes off when the pinion shaft is out of the housing. About 18 inch pounds of rotating torque is what is required, if I recall correctly. When installing the carrier, the same adjusters or shims that are used to adjust the backlash are also used to set the carrier bearing preload. Shopping. probably by the crush sleeve. I typically use an impact gun, and then measure pinion preload (turning torque) after I hit it with the impact for a few seconds. 65″ crush sleeve from a late model Jeep. to do that you have to guess at a starting eliminator shim thickness (measure the crush sleeve and use that as a starting point), install pinion, use the in/lb dial torque wrench to see how much force it takes to turn the pinion, if it is 17-35 "lb all is good, if not either add or subtract a shim and test again. Uhh, I have installed many pinion seals without replacing the crush sleeve. Youll have to just stack them up and try it and adjust as needed . Dec 31, 2009 · I was playing around with the pinion, and noticed that the little bearing fit is really tight, it almost doesn't start on. A necessary item to replace when servicing the differential, our Differential Crush Sleeve is built to retain optimal pressure when the pinion gear nut is tightened. So a new crush sleeve was in-stalled and the pinion nut was tightened until the pre-load Whether you're looking to maintain, optimize, or upgrade, we offer competitive pricing on Dana Spicer Dana 30 Crush Sleeve - 50576 for your Truck or Jeep at 4 Wheel Parts. If you go too far and the bearing pre-load exceeds your typical 25 inch/lb spec (for new bearings) which would result in there being too much drag/resistance on the pinion rotation, then you would need to back off the pinion nut, but that would render the crush collar worthless since it would then be over-crushed and therefore compressed too much. Only replace the crush sleeve when replacing the gears. If you have a crush sleeve, maybe. 1 Apr 2014 Do you have to? I mean, doing the crush sleeve, I believe you can only get to that from the inside of the differential right? Its imperative you change your crush sleeve during a Ring & Pinion swap or new drive yoke install. Install the crush sleeve onto the pinion. I think what I'm going to have to do is find some sort of compatible friction/torque measuring device, if not purchase the tool  The professionals at Nitro Gear & Axle have setup thousands of differentials and would like to share their methods with both the novice and professional installer. It's my understanding if I remove the nut and yoke to check the seal, I'll have to have the gear lash reset because of the crush washer. Should be aroun 5/16-3/8 or so roughly Once the bearings are fully seated and the pinion does not move in or out, apply a little more tension on the nut for a minimal amount of bearing preload. If you go too tight, then you must replace the crush sleeve and start over. As the pinion nut is torqued to spec, the crush Mar 28, 2006 · the crush sleeve does not set pinion depth. Use light oil on the bearings and light grease on the seal. . The reason GM used crush spacers is because it makes assembly on the assembly line quicker. Ford dealer says anything from 88 (TC) is obsolete, and the chain stores just blink at me when I ask. The pinion preload will be zero until the bearings contact the races but will then increase very quickly. Tall, Ford 9. Starting with the 1994 model year Dodge Ram trucks, Dana-Spicer Model 60 axles switched from using selective fit shims to the QU40356 collapsible spacer to set the pinion rotating torque preload. The correct way to do this is to use the yoke lock (part of the setup tool kit we bought) and use a breaker bar with a cheater pipe. 73 gears sitting on the shelf, part number M-4209-88373. I use oil on the pinion nut washer surface during all assemblies and red Loctite on the pinion nut threads during the final assembly. Yukon does extensive research for each application to make sure your kit will arrive with all the correct parts you need to install your ring & pinion set. Lube the end of the yoke again and tap it into place. Once you get it to start crushing it usually goes a little easier. Leave the crush sleeve in place. For Ford 7. There is also a 9. I like to slowly tighten the new pinion nut until I take up all of the front to back free play. The drag that diaric is referring to is pinion drag and does not involve the carrier. Therefore, the amount of torque needed to set the new crush sleeve which sets the preload for the new bearings was EXTREMELY HIGH (we needed breaker bars and cheater pipes to get the slack out of the new bearings). I recently did a ZJ (LP30) that used a crush sleeve and the TJ kit. Crush sleeves are one-time-use components that must be replaced any time the axle pinion bearings are disturbed, such as during a gear swap or bearing replacement. Crush it too much and you need a new one and start over. hence, youd have to remove the pinion. No thanks. Sold each. to maintain that preload after installation of a new pinion seal. If you over tighten the nut, you MUST get a new spacer and start over!!! Never back off the nut to try and reduce  I only ask this because i have everything set up ( carrier installed, good pinion depth, and backlash is in specs) But when i put the crush Anyway i was just wondering if crush sleeves had to be installed and what exactly they do? 1 when I built my 8. The crush sleeve is cylindrical bushing that sits just in front of the thrust bearing of the pinion gear. all it does is replace the crush sleeve and then you know the backlash setting won't be going anywhere regardless of taking the pinion flange nut off, etc. A helpful trick to make the new bearing press on easier is to leave your pinion in the freezer for at least 30 minutes before you’re Aug 24, 2020 · Some good, old-fashioned muscle is needed to crush the new crush sleeve. Keep rattling away with an impact. lbs. 99 . Jul 28, 2017 · The crush sleeve is basically a soft bushing or spacer that is used to hold the inner and outer pinion bearings apart and offer some resistance when tightening the pinion nut. Remove the pinion nut counting how many turns it takes to get it off. Ive watched a few vids on youtube and as far as I can see im doing it correctly :S May 27, 2007 · The crush sleeve is used instead of shims on a d35 to set the pinion on the ring. Get the pinion depth close, then set backlash, then adjust pinion depth based on the marking compound, keeping backlash in spec (6-10 thou for most axles), then set pinion bearing preload and put on your new bearings and hope nothing changed enough with the When setting the pinion bearing preload on a crush sleeve design differential, it is always necessary to use a new crush sleeve every time the pinion nut is removed, or if the sleeve is over-crushed. Collapsible spacer installs on the pinion and preloads the pinion bearings. Looks like the bearing was spinning on the pinion shaft. crush point. Hold the yoke with the supplied wrench and tighten pinion nut to compress crush sleeve to preload pinion bearings. Cage was scrubbed pretty good. Feb 18, 2011 · If you have ever built a 9" Ford third member, the hardest part is getting the crush sleeve crushed to allow the proper pre-load on the pinion bearings. SOURCE: Replaced rear axle pinion bearing and seal, need There is no torque specs,this nut has to be tightened back like it was ,the best thing to do,was,to late now,is to use a torque wrench to remove the nut,and remember the torque,and when replacing it,torque it back to that spec,the reason being,there is a crush sleeve between the front pion bearing ,and the rear pinion bearing,and it has Physical Differences. Info. 17 Nov 2016 going to wind up taking the whole rear end down and take the diff apart. Don't reuse the old bearing. I build differentials, he does not need a new crush sleeve. Mar 20, 2009 · SOURCE: Replaced rear axle pinion bearing and seal, need There is no torque specs,this nut has to be tightened back like it was ,the best thing to do,was,to late now,is to use a torque wrench to remove the nut,and remember the torque,and when replacing it,torque it back to that spec,the reason being,there is a crush sleeve between the front pion bearing ,and the rear pinion bearing,and it has Yukon Gear & Axle's Crush Sleeve for Jeep Dana 30 Axles is made to the highest standards for quality and fitment. Pinion has a retainer like a 9 inch Ford. Jul 14, 2017 · Pinion bearing preload is the easier part, though many prefer the crush sleeve to a shim stack preload setting. Remove the nut and yoke. What preload is right? i've read anywhere from 20-25 in-lbs to 10-12 in-lbs. I was ready to crush  3 Mar 2015 I would personally go with a solid spacer. measures 1. it takes a little bit longer to set up. A big part of why I would NOT say "go for it" is the pinion nuts are a one time use nut. Brand: Nissan. 30185 - Differential Drive Pinion Gear Nut · related Part Image. crush sleeve becomes “loose” and cannot properly maintain the bearing preload. Dealerships replace pinion seals all the time without completely tearing down the diff. Yukon gear makes a paddle that you bolt to the yolk, it has a open end to shove a pole in, in order to keep it from spinning when applying the 450 ft #. , it pulled the threads out of the pinion nut, and still did not have enough preload. leave the shim you find and press the new bearing on the pinion. The sleeves job is to keep the pressure outward against the two bearings. Even though you didn't remove the crush sleeve, you need to re-establish the pinion bearing preload. And replace the seal while you're at it. 75" Crush Sleeve Chrysler 8. The crush sleeve insures correct bearing preload and pinion nut retention. We happen to have a set of solid rear axle Ford Racing 3. Thank you for the information. 2. I haven't worked much with the 14 bolt and am wondering if I can R/R the pinion seal without requiring a new crush sleeve & then needing to check the gear mesh pattern? Can I measure the rotational torque (I suppose with axles pulled) as it is. B. Patric Fox is offline  Crush sleeves cannot be reused. Mar 22, 2004 · No there isn't. Once the sleeve begins to crush and remove all end play from the pinion the bearing preload will increase VERY quickly and air tools are a sure way to go too far. I always use a new crush sleeve for final assembly. :cheers: The crush sleeve is supossed to be a one-time shot to get perfect pinion preload w/o shims, but it did not work for me, and a crush sleeve eliminator was not included with the kit. We also happen to have a set of the new 2015 Super 8. 0195 shim brings me to 24-26 in/lb of preload and a . , Chrysler 9. Advance Auto Parts has 10 different Differential Crush Sleeve for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. 90 and a friend recommended I get such a unit from Strange for this job. Simply pull out the old crush sleeve, measure it with a mic, and then build up your selective shims to match. Buy Yukon Gear & Axle (SK CSGM8. How come the Ford website has a half million members and there's only 50k here? The purpose of the crush sleeve is to pre-load the inner bearing race of the front pinion bearing and prevent it from turning on the pinion gear. This style axel has a crush collar. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including toluene and benzene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. pinion depth shims are also under the pinion race instead of the bearing it self. The best part is, our Jeep Grand Cherokee Differential Crush Sleeve products start from as little as $2. but I am glad I did it a few years ago because I had to replace the flange and I didn't have to mess with any of the preload, etc. 25 inch pounds with new bearings to turn the pinion after tightening before you install the carrier. May 11, 2008 · Shims go between the pinion housing and main housing, this adjusts the pinion depth in relation to the ring gear. All Dana axles are around 200 ft/lbs. Jan 06, 2020 · Hey all, time to fix the leaky crush sleeve on my 489 chunk and wanted to run a few things by you guys 1st. Pinion Bearing Preload -The preloa d applied to the pinion bearings when the pinion nut is tightened. Instead, use a large ratchet or breaker bar to crush the sleeve until you reach proper rotational torque. Once you crush the sleeve past a certain point, you cannot go backwards, or the pinion bearings will not have the correct preload. On the Ford 9", the pinion depth is set by the pinion depth shims which have 5 holes in them and are next to the O-ring you replaced. If your trial bearings have minimal wear, the new bearings will be a very close match. The end result is a better traction, more power (though the engine does spin a bit faster at speed because of the lower gears) and all around better drivability. or too tight and  14 Nov 2009 A neighbor has replaced all the bearings in his 9" Ford axle but cant get the new crush sleeve to crush. On the R180 and R200, pinion bearing preload isn't set with a crush sleeve either. We have the best Crown Pinion Crush Sleeve at the lowest prices, 24/7 customer service, secure shopping and fast shipping. Included in this kit are the pinion bearings and races, pilot bearing (if applicable), crush sleeve, complete pinion shim kit, pinion nut, thread locker and marking compound with brush. 8? It can't be from the Jeep FSM because the Dana 35 axle does not use preload shims. Pinion setup is commonly misunderstood, and the idea of a "crush" sleeve is perceived as a weak link in the assembly. Here is the revised Ford 9. Nov 03, 2020 · There are a number of misconceptions about the function and effect of the crush sleeve or spacer. When I rebuild rear ends, I generally go with a rotating torque of the pinion and ring gear measured with a torque wrench of 35-55 lb in. 25 Part # : BKN MTA3507678. The crush sleeve installs as shown, only after the pinion is in the housing. to effectively crush the crush sleeve. Genuine Toyota Part - 4123152010 (41231-52010) Details about 4864214 Crown Automotive 4864214 Pinion Crush Sleeve Fits 94 04 Grand Cherokee 100% Return GUARANTEE -FAST Shipping - LARGE Selection Be the first to write a review . 8-inch ring and pinion gears in 3. Dana/Spicer does not suggest lubricating the bearings prior to initial setup. It seems like if I put the crush sleeve on now, the nut threads won't be completely tightened down onto the pinion threads. (if not available start with 3 shims) 2. Apr 16, 2009 · I've got what appears to be a leaking front/pinion shaft seal on my truck's 14 bolt/10. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on I was able to get the right preload with this set, but one thousandth of an inch makes a huge difference, so it's hard to get Taking the pinion in and out until you get the right combinations of shims take some time and a lot of trial and error. Sep 21, 2009 · If you have pinion shims for preload, no. Not only does it have to be tight and stay-tight to keep the pinion where it should be, but because of the crush sleeve design - you're going to use this nut to set pinion bearing preload. 350". 75″ pinion with the much larger crush sleeve. Aug 23, 2011 · If the pinion shaft is damaged on the seal surface there is a sleeve you can repair it with. Nothing has made a difference. Part #: 38165-0C020. This sleeve goes on the yoke and the pinion seal seals against it. LIBERTY WRANGLER NITRO AXLE CRUSH SLEEVE PINION CRUSH SPACER NEW MOPAR GENUINE. There is the old cheating method of beating on the bulged part of the crush sleeve over an old pinion gear to spread it a little and then re-torque on the right one and you can usually get away with this. If you got too far you have to disassemble, install a new crush sleeve and start over. DROPKICK Edition. Install new pinion bearing cups with Pinion Bearing Cup Replacer. It ran fine for seven years or so until I had a guy install 3. I thought maybe previous owner did a pinion seal change and didnt put one back in. On most applications, that torque is 20-30 in/lbs with new, dry bearings. Product Line : Balkamp. I had to do my 12-bolt after finding metal erosion on the shaft. Hold the yoke here. The crush sleeve determines pinion preload, and it's pretty easy to mess  A necessary item to replace when servicing the differential, our Differential Crush Sleeve is built to retain optimal pressure when the pinion gear nut is tightened. We do not recommend using synthetic gear oil of any kind  This installation guide was written to provide the novice and professional Ring & pinion gears are designed to be set-up and run with exact toler- ances. Nov 04, 2011 · By the book you need a new crush and a new pinion nut. IG: jorge_dropkick_rangel QU40356 Dana 60 Pinion Preload Spacer (Crush Sleeve) for many 1994-2016 Dana-Spicer 60 Front and Rear Axles. I've reused them with some pretty good luck but after having it put together you HAVE to check and make sure it is lined up correctly on the ring and if it does not then you will need to go with a new crush sleeve. Install the pinion gear temporarily with the old crush sleeve (tap on the side of the crush sleeve while it is on the pinion gear to make it "longer" or "uncrushed"). pinion shims, carrier shims, pinion nut, ring gear bolts, gear marking compound, pinion seal, crush sleeve, brush, and cover gasket or rtv. 5-15. Once you have determined the correct shims to get the pinion depth right, then you put the crush sleeve on for final Jul 02, 2007 · :cheers: The crush sleeve is supossed to be a one-time shot to get perfect pinion preload w/o shims, but it did not work for me, and a crush sleeve eliminator was not included with the kit. Just don't crush it any farther then it is. The crush sleeve will NOT change pinion depth, it only affects bearing preload. Oct 19, 2019 · I've got a 1991 R1500 Suburban with a 10 bolt rear axle. jpg He says he’s never used them but also never heard anything good or bad about them. All our auto parts and accessories come with a low price guarantee. When the pinion shaft is in the housing, the crush sleeve will not pass through the outer pinion bearing cup, I can tell you it takes +/- 300 Ft Lbs to initially start collapsing a new crush sleeve, but only takes +/- 120 Lbs to continue to crush one. Take a look at how much I deformed the washer between the pinion nut and yoke. Truthfully, with the 11. Share. Removing or even loosening the pinion nut will ruin the preload. 55 gears sitting here that I'm going to install. 38 gears about 8000mi ago, reused the pinion bearings and replaced the crush sleeve. Crush sleeves are not reusable and must be replaced if the pinion nut is loosened or removed. Then, count the amount of turns it takes to get the nut off. The crush sleeve permanently distorts, or crushes, at approximately 300 to 400 pounds/feet of torque on the pinion nut. If you don't know: 1. Measure the used Crush Sleeve that was originally in the housing. 5 with pinion retainer, it should be 10. 19-0002-1 Application Notes. Ill just follow the FSM and torque the nut to 260 foot pounds, then rotate the pinion and feel how it is, and do 5 pound increments. Some of the large massive ends of the pinion teeth were knocked off also. The answer is NO. Slide the crush sleeve on the pinion shaft (unless you are using To get the sleeve to crush initially it can take over 300ft/lbs of torque the 130 you mention is way too low(wheel lugs go on this tight). $16. 4 Jul 2018 Setting the pinion, crush sleeve install . Should you prefer to do the installation yourself, please read these instructions the pinion, and install the crush sleeve and or preload shim stack along with a new pinion seal and that will allow the plunger to travel in the same plane as the  Although proper ring & pinion setup can be accomplished at home, I really recommend having a professional do the job. I usualy go about 10-15 over whatever the spex are, but that is just me. I had the pinion output shaft bearingseize up in my 99 Ford F 250 Super Duty. Slide a NEW crush sleeve on the pinion and slide it in the housing. Mar 16, 2009 · The purpose of the crush sleeve is to prevent the slip-on pinion bearing from spinning on it's shaft. Buy Dana Spicer 42102 Dana 35 Crush Sleeve: DANA 35 REAR PINION NUT SEAL CRUSH SLEEVE KIT FITS JEEP XJ MJ ZJ YJ TJ. Shimming is If backlash is not within specification, go back to Step 4. If you over tighten the nut, you MUST get a new spacer and start over!!! Never back off the nut to try and reduce  When all end-play is gone, you have to be very careful as it will only take a small movement of the nut to go from too loose to too tight. 1999 Toyota RAV4. We hope that these instructions are helpful and you are able to get years I have found it is easiest to assembly the pinion without a crush sleeve until the correct pin-. replace the  NOTE: Damage to the rear wheel speed sensor may occur if it is not removed before the axle shaft U-washer. Mark the pinion nut and pinion. This also allows the position of the pinion gear within the casing to move causing misalignment of the ring and pinion gears. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go : Jun 14, 2004 · when you tighten down on the axle pinion nut it begins to crush the sleeve & shortly after that is starts to push the pinion bearing against the race - what you are actually measuring in inch pounds is how much force the pinion nut is pressing against the bearing/race assembly - you're basically measuring the drag on the bearing so to speak called "preload" - too much force & you'll kill the Crush Sleeve, Steel, 1. By the same token, replacing the nut also isn't a bad idea and I think may even come in some pinion/bearing seal "kits" along with the crush sleeve and cover gasket. -lbs. I haven't been able to crush a crush sleeve with a breaker bar. to crush the sleeve and apply a specific preload to the bearing, it will take the same 132 lb. Toyota stopped using them decades ago to speed up production. After about 8000mi the pinion seal started leaking and I noticed a gear noise on decel. Crush it load the bearings with 25 inch lbs of preload if they are new bearings. Crush Sleeve Design: If you are unsure about getting the correct pinion depth, it may be easier to install the pinion without a crush sleeve until the correct pinion depth has been established. steved. Each time the pinion nut is backed off, the crush sleeve should be replaced to ensure that the preload is correct and will be maintained. It will not hurt the rearJust get it right on the moneyCause if you do not the pinion will wear the races and bearing to one sideThe load side. If you replace the rear pinion bearing, your gonna need a press. internal kit (open): side gears, side gear washers, pinion gears, pinion gear washers, pinion shaft and lock bolt or roll pin. I built a simple fixture that would hold the pinion, bearings, crush sleeve, bearing retainer and yoke together as an  28 Nov 2004 how much torque does it generally take to crush a crush sleeve? You might get a little tight with the pinion nut torque, but it won't affect the setup unless you strip the nut in the process. High pinion loads deflect the pinion gear over and over until the o. Yes you can use a solid spacer, but I have used the lowly crush sleeve for years with no problems in all kinds of applications. Fits Standard 28 spline small pinion, stock or Daytona style support. 5 AAM, the crush sleeve is stiff to the point where you can just run the nut back on with the impact gun and as long as your paying attention your not going to hurt crush the sleeve. Crush sleeve has some serious cosmetic damage. This is essential for a performance Jul 24, 2009 · Looking for a new pinion nut and crush sleeve so I can replace my pinion seal on my TC 8. 5's Lightly lube the pinion bearings and slip the pinion into the case, slip on the crush sleeve----- NO PINION SEAL YET-----then the front pinion bearing, the yoke, big washer and pinion nut. Sure, you know what's in there and what it does but are you willing to tear into it and rebuild the differential? This ring and pinion install kit comes with new pinion bearings, carrier bearings, races, crush sleeve, pinion nut  you can mark the nut in relation to the threaded shaft it threads onto, so you can tell where the nut was originally. My concept on the crush sleeve or spacer is that it not only helps lock the nut, which it certainly does, it supports the front pinion brg and yoke. It takes A LOT of torque to crush the sleeve So if you do like Zukimon said here it will be fine. Fits models: 350Z / 370Z / G35 / G37 / Q60 2014-2016  When all end-play is gone, you have to be very careful as it will only take a small movement of the nut to go from too loose to too tight. pulled the pinon and the bearings look like this. 50576 Differential Crush Sleeve related Part Image. Differential Drive Pinion Gear Bearing-Crush Mopar 03507678. Feb 19, 2009 · With a crush sleeve, you get the drag that you want by crushing the sleeve with the pinion nut. 31’s, and pretty certain when I took it back to him to fix it he reused the new crush sleeve I provided during his first attempt. Once the crush sleeve begins to collapse, it's hard to get a second squeeze out of it. The impact destroys the nut but the sleeve does not budge. Direct replacement for a proper fit every time Aug 01, 2007 · well i bought one and just for giggles checked what the current preload was and it didnt even register on the torque wrench. The pinion nut is off and the yoke came right off with no effort. Again, use an inch-pound torque wrench to check the preload. 55. Copy link. 5" 0. You need a specified minimum torque on the nut to ensure the crush sleeve is still effective [not too short. It takes hundreds of lb/ft of torque to get the sleeve to begin to crush, it can't be done without a pinion flange holding tool/breaker bar or a 1/2" impact gun. Todd- I think your problem is different, although I also had a loose pinion nut. Mar 12, 2013 · The crush sleeve is used to set the pinion bearings - well actually, the preload on them - and does not affect the ring and pinion setting. To make the endeavor even more fun the AAM axel pinion bearing preload is set thru a crush sleeve & that torquing process requires removal of axel shafts to measure pinion bearing preload during the torquing process of the pinion nut. Crush sleeves are one time use only, and must be replaced when the differential front yoke is removed. Be very careful as you are using a new crush sleeve and it can go to tight with everything. If it's not enough, you take out shim, if it's too much, you put shims in. Randy's wants that much and more depending on your pricing for just the crush sleeve. Mar 02, 2019 · Crush sleeve only looks great, in contact with the inner bearing and would spin along with the pinion: But with the oil slinger there it hits and would simply crush the slinger into the bearing cage and ruin everything. But! Hi, does anyone know or have a suggestion as to what the torque on the pinion nut to a 1982 vettes dana 44 is suppose to be? I can't find it anywhere in either one of the dana service manuals. A solid pinion spacer seems like a superior solution on paper, with the crush sleeve being an engineering compromise for the sake of convenience during assembly. Compatible with aftermarket ring & pinion gear sets only · Replaces standard crush sleeve · Lasts longer & more accurate  Spicer. I recommend doing this if you don't mind extra pinion test fits. The sleeve is supposed to crush at 160 ft lbs. Oct 16, 2007 · the ZJ uses a CJ D30 kit with a long pinion and the TJ uses a crush collar with a short pinion. Tap to unmute. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. When you are replacing or upgrading your ring and pinion gears, a collapsible pinion spacer is crucial for setting the pre-load on the pinion bearings. i. The Dana 50 and 60 front axles use the same procedure, but on the Dana 80 axles used on the duallys, the pinion bearing preload is set with shims on a solid shoulder on the pinion shaft. Feb 12, 2014 · With a crush sleeve design like you have, forget about torque required to crush the sleeve. I recently went through the same scenario when changing the yoke on the 2. They do this when switching gears to make it easier. If you go too tight on the preload, however, you have to remove the outer bearing and replace the crush sleeve. It changes pretty quick when you get close. (5) Make yourself a stand or use lumps of wood to prop up the centre section, it's time to fit the ring gear/ diff assembly. ca. Sometimes you get lucky but it's not worth the risk for such a cheap item. P65Warnings. Keep in mind  A complete teardown of the differential was necessary to get to, and replace the pinion crush sleeve which controlled the pinion pre-load. The crush sleeve is like for 2005 and Crush sleeves cannot be reused. For more information go to: www. 0015-inch) feeler gauge can be inserted between pinion bearing cup and the bottom of its bore at any point around the pinion bearing cup, the pinion bearing cup is not properly seated. My origional gear set failed because the crush sleeve crushed a little and damaged the pinion bearings over time. Is the freeplay strictly adjusted by the shim in front of the bearing in front of the nut? 77 f150 short bed , 466 chipped at 6800 , comp 292 cam , 2800 stall c6, 5. 75" Crush Sleeve Price: $10. Crush sleeves cannot be reused. You crush that crush sleeve to achive a rolling friction value measured by the torque required to turn the pinion shaft. 5" long arm, full under armor, OBA, 35x12. It's crucial for the correct pre load. Overall diameter measures 1. hi-performance ring and pinion Dorman Products - 81056 : Pinion Crush Sleeves. Watch later. I removed the bad seal but there is no crush sleeve to be found :confused: When the nut was installed, there was about 1/8" of the pinion threads showing. A drive train tech at Ford showed me that trick 20 years ago and it does work. 1996 Toyota RAV4. Mar 21, 2014 · Possible Cause #2: A second possible cause is the crush sleeve. 47 diff. Differential Crush Sleeve . 97 Jeep XJ Trussed/gusseted D30,Ford 8. Keep in mind, it typically takes 300-400 ft. Pinion Preload New: 14 to 19 in-lbs Pinion Preload Reused: 6 to 8 in-lbs Also there needs to be sealant applied to the splines of the yoke that mates with the pinion shaft. ca. 5 or 11. But a trick i learned is when replacing the yoke and pinion nut, tighten the nut back to where it sets flush and snug (zero torque), then go another 1/8th of a turn. The proper way to do it is to remove the pinion and install a new crush sleeve. For merchandise that does not show the price, you may get charged in a foreign currency and the amount you pay may  Ok well there is NO torque for the pinion nut per say Lets start with the crush sleeve. Quote: Put on the new crush sleeve and install the pinion into the diff housing. Free shipping . We all know Cranking down a crush sleeve while under the vehicle isn't easy but using a shop press is. This end faired much better. Take those shims and put them on the new gear and have a new bearing pressed on. May 18, 2012 · If it took 132 lb-ft. After the nut is tightened the proper amount, reinstall the driveshaft, cover, and replace the lube with new to the bottom of the fill hole. The problem I'm having is getting the pinion preload set to the specified 14-19 in/lb for these new bearings. How to torque a rear differential pinion with a new crush sleeve - Answered by a verified Auto Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 4" exhaust to 5" single stack,EDGE Insight CTS, EFI Live Moonshine tuned, Suncoast stage IV, Complete Kryptonite front end with PISK Jun 24, 2011 · Does anyone have a sugestion on keeping a pinion nut tight? I have the pinion nut on my Toyota 8" going loose after a couple months. Physical Differences. 5/ Chrysler 9. If your going to use a new crush sleeve then you need to pull the front bearing out to get to it. ok my name is bryan ok here what gears thats in it now 273 and i have 373 gears and Ratech kit ok this what i really need to know is that crush sleeve or crush sleeve elm witch one do i need to go with, if yall say crush sleeve and i get the pinion depth right ok so so so so so on here is what i need to know i hear that the pinion nut as to be An AAM pinion seal kit, complete with nut, seal, crush sleeve and yoke washer is less than $25. Add enough Shims to the spacer to achieve a total length that is slightly longer than the used Crush Sleeve. Pinion Depth ± The distance from the face of the pinion gear to the centerline of the ring gear. On this episode of Rock Rods Tech Jake Burkey shows you a quick tip on how to save time when installing a new ring and pinion in your rig by using a shop pre This video shows how the pinion is installed. Install the outer pinion bearing and the pinion yoke (don't install the new pinion seal at this time). For the Dana / Jaguar, you will need to make your own solid pinion spaacer from a correct diameter pipe and a Dana solid pinion spacer kit(you will use the shim part of the kit) or use a actual 2. 8", 9" Crush Sleeve; Warranty. Dec 23, 2012 · I thought you needed at least 140 ft lbs torque to crush a new crush sleeve but I'm crushing them at 104 ft lbs? Torque wrench is a new CDI 1/2 torque wrench and am measuring 24 in lbs torque with a 1/4" beam type torque wrench. The right way with a crush sleeve is to take rotating torque readings (with the wheels off, the brakes backed down) on the pinion nut with an in/lb torque wrench, then retighten the pinion nut enough to achieve the same or slightly more preload, now it is all feel at this point. The whole reason dana doesn't use one on the 60 is b/c the gear pattern cannot change from the crush sleeve deforming and lessening tension on the pinion nut. -ft. I have gone through 4 different nuts. If you have not driven the car remove the pinion yoke and front bearing, replace the crush sleeve and reassemble with a new crush sleeve. If the crush sleeve is not crushed properly, the pinion yoke will be loose and the pinion bearings will not be seated correctly. The crush sleeve fits between the two sets of pinion bearings. That is why you NEVER use the crush sleeve while setting up the pinion depth. ASSEMBLY: Prior to beginning assembly, clean housing, parts, and organize everything that is going be installed. Our Privacy Policy explains what information we  OEM Differential Pinion Crush Sleeve. There was a large, crush sleeve that was replaced with the new gears. if you put it in and the yoke seems to high its probably b/c its not crushed. NAPA Auto Parts does not sell your personal information. 8,locked F/R with Moly shafts and 4. I have done some research and you are correct, I have a High Pinion D30 and that does not have the crush sleeve. Aug 28, 2011 · oil leaking around the pinion nut through the spline in the center of the yoke. 31 Mar 2019 Do all setup without the crush sleeve, or if you use eliminators there's no need to even put in the eliminators. 5 ring gear. Install new crush sleeve, put front bearing back in, install new seal, put the yoke back on. Neither affects the pinion checking distance. COMPATIBLE  Yukon (SK CSGM8. It's set with preload shims, so there is no crush sleeve at all. The second is to find someone who sells the selective shims that replace crush sleeves. With a solid spacer, you can change a leaking pinion seal without needing to reset the crush sleeve. I measured the pitch of the pinion shaft, it was 1. That's what took the majority of the force to get the desired preload on the pinion bearings. Step 39: I heated up my new bearing in a small toaster oven at 200 for 10-15 min, took it out and immediately installed it on the pinion and then let it cool down. They should ( yukon) say what tickness the shims are in the pack they sell it would be usefull Taking the pinion in and out until you get the right combinations of shims take some time and a lot of trial and error. You should use a new crush sleeve, or in a "backyarder" situation, you could add pinion shims to act like a longer crush sleeve. Also compairing one rear to another is like compairing an apple to an grapefruit. Other pinion designs use stacked shims in place of a crush sleeve. 4. The way I see it the frt brg and yoke are not a press fit, like the rear pinion brg. 49 . Replace that failure prone crush sleeve with a solid spacer. That way, I'll never have to go through the crush sleeve process again if I have to replace the seal. Pinion is necessary to get to and replace the pinion crush sleeve that controls the pinion pre-load. NOTE: this rear end does not have the crush sleeve, it has shims. The Crush Sleeve is a collapsible spacer which installs on the pinion and preloads the pinion bearings. But replacing the crush sleeve and setting the pinion preload also requires removing the ring gear and disassembling the full differential. US Gear provides all the necessary components you need to install your new ring and pinion gear sets. 3. Our team of product experts, extensive image galleries, and legendary customer service make it easy to get the right part the  If so, how does one do it? I decided to change out my 3. I determined it would take 78% of one turn to crush the new sleeve to the size of the old sleeve I greased the bearing lightly, installed the bearing, crush sleeve, seal, lightly greased yoke, and used a new pinion nut suing anti-seizing compound. This is designed to be a stock replacement crush collar/sleeve for Ford 9" rear axles. 8. Generally they are in the "Help" section of the store. While often true,just as many times it isnt. Make sure pinion bearing cups are properly seated in their bores. 706894X - Differential Pinion Bearing Set · related Part Image. BUT, I have used tubing that slid over the pinion and drove it on that way. Try it free. which means a faulty crush sleeve we were looking here. Also, when a crush sleeve is used, the flange nut is not tightened to a specific fastener torque, rather the nut is tightened until a specific bearing preload is achieved (as measured at the pinion flange). 50660 - Differential Pinion Seal · related Part Image. Spacer, Differential Drive Pinion Bearing. The preload is set by collapsing the crush sleeve. A necessary item to replace when servicing the differential, Dorman’s Differential Crush Sleeve is durably built to retain optimal This is measured with just the pinion in the housing, the ring gear should be removed. With a solid spacer, you just torque the nut and check the preload. US Gear Ford 9" Installation Kit. Yes, the inner pinion bearing does need to be pressed on. Buy Pinion Crush Sleeves - NOE 7354269 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. 56s,Stock 4. The differential crush sleeve maintains optimal pressure when the pinion gear nut is tightened. 8. The pumpkin does look to be assembled with new parts. At this point pinion pre-load should be loose. The professionals at Nitro Gear & Axle have setup thousands of differentials and would like between pinion bearings (more shim = less preload) Alternatively set by tightening nut with a crush sleeve in place, collapsing Prior to beginning assembly, clean housing, parts, and organize everything that is going be installed. 5", 8. D. I've noticed there's not much help around here. What's the difference if he's swamping out a yoke or a pinion seal? You'll have to take the hole rear end apart to put a new crush sleeve in it. You should use a bearing preload tool to check drag. It will most likely be damaged by removing it. From what I seen you just tighten down little by little and keep checking with that tool until you have your correct preload. 8, it is a little time consuming but I don't need a new one if I go too far like with a crush sleeve and I don't need monstrous torque to start it crushing. The new sleeve should go all the way in and seat against the inner pinion bearing. I thought some u joints might be going bad, but as I was down under the truck pulling back and forth on the driveshaft I realized the pinion yoke could move back and forth just a little. R&R yoke. And in 15 years of gears, ive still never seen this +2,+1 stuff on a pinion. These pinion bearings look like front wheel bearings, and can't be too tight or too loose. You will need a in/lb torque wrench (not a click type) with Ok, thank you so much for your time with advice by the way. Chrysler 8. where does the crush sleeve go on the pinion

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